Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We've been looking into real estate. We're not looking to buy anytime during the next few months (unless we can sublet our apartment), but looking through listings has been helpful - especially as we try to refine our list of "wants" versus "needs" in our ideal first home. Fun, fun!

The houses featured on this site have been very inspirational. Right...

Humor me and leave me a comment (anonymous comments are enabled) letting me know what your "wants" and "needs" were/are in your search for your perfect house. I'll blog more about what we think we're looking for later this week...but I want to know what you think is important.


  1. You know, I kind of like the crazy brick house that was posted at that link. Seriously!
    My dream house would have. . .
    A porch
    A fireplace
    A big kitchen
    Pale yellow walls
    A yard with a fence
    Bungalow features
    Built in book shelves
    Wooden floors

  2. I thought you also wanted your very own ant colony in your linen closet. When did you cross that one off your list?

  3. Living on one level... after leaving the one level living (rambler) and moving to a two story home and then having babies (running up and down the stair is exhausting when you don't have anything to give.. especially at 1 am running down stair for a bottle was a dreaded thing). Being in a neigborhood with other young families, so your children (if you plan to have any) have friends to grow up with. Also closet space is a premium! The more closets the better. A main floor laundry room (not in a dungenous basement- I always got freaked out doing the laundry in the basement)

  4. Me? Not have kids? Anonymous must not know me very well. ;)