Monday, March 30, 2009

Menu Monday

One of the good things about being in grad school is that you still get to enjoy spring break. I missed mine, however, because of the substitute teaching gig. The good news is that the school I'm working at is on spring break this week. Awesome, right? Well, today and tomorrow will be awesome. Wednesday through Saturday? I'll be grading exams for my adviser. [I really can't complain, though, as my grading job helps to make a nice dent in my student loans.] I'm going to spend today and Tuesday cleaning and reading for school. For as much as I love my current job, I'm looking forward to investing some time into my school work. Wednesday through Friday I'll be power grading so I can catch bus back to the TC to spend some time with my husband.

On to Menu Monday!

Breakfast: Fruit Smoothies (minus the whey protein and flax - which I'll pick up next weekend)
Lunch: Organic rosemary garlic potato wedges (leftover) and chicken (the leftovers were used later that night)
Dinner: Chicken and sweet pea risotto (my favorite), pear

Breakfast: Fruit smoothies, eggs
Lunch: (for G - I'll eat leftovers at home) Egg salad sandwich, veggie chips, cookie, fruit, yogurt.
Dinner: Homemade pasta, vegetable tomato sauce (Newman's tomato basic with yellow squash and spinach), cheese slices

Breakfast: Fruit smoothies, eggs
Lunch: Same as Monday
Dinner: Slow cooked chicken and dumplings (this will be perfect dish to cook considering what the weatherpeople are forecasting and it will make dinner plans easier for G for the rest of the week)

Breakfast: Nutrigrain waffles, banana
Lunch: Same as Monday and Tuesday
Dinner: Leftovers from Tuesday

Breakfast: Nutrigrain waffles, banana
Lunch: PBJ sandwich, rest the same as Monday
Dinner: Fish, au gratin potatoes, apple (from the box, so easy to make!)

Breakfast: Nutrigrain waffles, banana
Lunch: Same as Thursday
Dinner: Fish, leftover potatoes

Breakfast: Nutrigrain waffles
Lunch: Fish, veggie chips, fruit
Dinner: Tommy Chicago's ** One of G's favorite places in the TC. If anyone's around this Saturday night, drop me a line. You should join us!

G's fending for himself from Wednesday to Saturday. He hates cooking (but I think he's actually pretty good at it!) so I try to come up with meal plans that involve foods that he loves and are easy to make. He has a super busy schedule this week, so the fish - which he can bake in the oven - and the potatoes should be both quick and easy for him to make.

Groceries for the week? Just under $60, but that's because I decided to buy some good chicken stock instead of the bouillon cubes. For some reason I decided to read the ingredient list on the back of the bouillon cube package and realized they included MSG, which is something my physician has told me to try and avoid. Our recipes this week called for 8 cups of chicken broth, so it ended up being a little pricey.

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