Saturday, March 7, 2009

Report Card 4

When my little darling addressed me as "Mrs. K" (the full version) this morning, I informed her that my husband was so impressed that one of the students had remembered how to pronounce my last name. Her eyes grew big and she flashed a smile that clearly showed her pride. The little girls standing around her immediately started reciting my last name. For the rest of the day they made sure to call me by my full name.

I really like the sound of it. A lot. They're so cute.

After realizing that I was a Mrs and not a Miss, one of the girls initiated a conversation about my husband:

"Is your husband older than you are?"

"Why are you older than your husband?"

"Does your husband live in the same house?"

"Why do you like your husband?"

...imagine questions like this for a good few minutes.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoy being interviewed by small children. Especially when they giggle and think that all of my answers are both hilarious and incredibly interesting.

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