Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last night, after what seemed like the longest bus trip back from College Town, we went to a sporting goods store to see if I could find a tennis skirt on sale. While I was looking through the racks in the women's section, my husband, whom I thought had been looking at rackets, suddenly appeared holding a pair of gray Nike tennis shorts and an orange polo shirt. He held them out in front of him, told me he liked them, and asked if I liked them (and I did!). This was a momentous occasion because it marked the first time EVER that he had picked something out without any encouragement and he wanted to buy it.

I was shocked.

In fact, I was in disbelief. I even asked him if he was serious. An orange shirt? For real? I think he only has one piece of clothing with orange in it and he only owns it because it was a gift.

But he loved it. I have never seen him so excited about clothing. I told him he should go ahead and buy it, but he decided that he couldn't justify paying full price. Now I need to track down the outfit again and write down all of the specs so I can buy it when it does go on sale. I mean, this is the one outfit the guy - the tennis champion, I should add - has ever wanted it. He's still talking about it today. I think he should own it, don't you?


  1. I can't believe it, especially the color! I think he needs to get that outfit.

    Mama V

  2. Most definitely! Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring it?