Friday, May 22, 2009

That one dress...

I took a few hours off yesterday afternoon (justified by the fact I work several hours each weekend and weeknights) and met one of my close friends to do some shopping. While she was in the dressing room at TJ Maxx, I stood outside her door holding some stuff she wanted to try on. Guess what I saw hanging on the racks in the entrance to the dressing room?

If the dress looks familiar, it's because I posted about it in a previous blog life. I liked it more in person than I did on the web - which was a lot. The dress was a few sizes too big and had some serious makeup marks on the neckline, but I decided to try it on anyway. How could I not? The construction of the back of the dress was not what I expected, but I loved the way it looked in the front. I also loved that it was marked down from $245.00. to $49.99. Too bad it was just a little too big.

It just wasn't meant to be.

I did find a new pair of Nike shorts, a muti-pack of Addidas running socks, and a long sleeve t-shirt. I bought all of that for less than $17. Awesome.

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