Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Lunch Cube

When I started packing lunches for G, I looked around for an alternative to plastic baggies. I figured we'd go through a lot of them (and we do - especially on the days I work) and thought if I could find a different way of wrapping food we'd ultimately save money and some space in a landfill.

Today I stumbled across these BPA-free storage containers:
The lunch cube (on the right) is pretty inexpensive. In fact, it costs just a little more than a box of ziploc bags.

I got to thinking that it probably wouldn't fit in our lunch bags, so I poked around the interweb searching for carrying cases. I liked what I found:
Unfortunately, the lug lunch bag is a little too expensive for me. It's cute, though, isn't it?

We'll still try the lunch cube...just need to figure out how to keep the food cool without having to invest in special, expensive lunch cube accessories.


  1. How about this?


  2. I looked into those a while back. They seemed like a good option, but I guess the plastic coating wears off very easily. Bummer!