Monday, July 27, 2009

Jillian Strikes AGAIN

I've read about the importance of varying your workout routine, but never paid it much mind. Since May, I ran almost daily and managed to work in some light weight lifting every few days. I liked my routine. I figured it worked. I felt healthy.

It turns out that repetition is the devil.

Yesterday, I decided to spend twenty minutes exercising with Jillian. The gym was overly deodorized (I don't know how anyone can tolerate the scent of the stuff they use to clean that room) and cold, so I opted to workout in our living room. Nearly three months after last working out with Jillian, I found myself talking back to the TV screen, sweating uncontrollably, and repeatedly telling G that Jillian was horribly brutal after a prolonged break even if I had been running and lifting some light weights. Maybe you're not surprised, though, based on my previous workouts with Jillian.

It was a mildly torturous twenty minutes, but I felt great by the cool down. In fact, I felt awesome the rest of the day. I decided I should do the workout first thing in the morning several days a week to make sure more muscle groups are exercised.

I felt that way until 6:45 this morning, when I stumbled out of bed to turn off my alarm clock (a good eight feet away). And I really did stumble. I wasn't prepared for the intensity of the pain that continues to radiate through my butt, upper thighs and armpits. Even now, at 9:30 PM, my husband, whose right calf and foot is confined to a plastic boot, moves with more grace and agility.

Needless to say, I did not do the 30 Day Shred this morning. I'll do my best to fight through the pain tomorrow morning, though...

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