Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Guess who has an Internet connection again?

I ended up working all of last week, which means our house is very much still a mess. A giant mess. The good news is that it's slowly coming together. I don't work today or tomorrow and I'm hoping to finish some organizing and cleaning (and maybe some studying...maybe). I'd post some pictures of our new abode, but I can't find the device that reads our camera's memory card. I'll try to post some soon.

In the mean time, I'd like all of you to know that we have a very healthy insect population both outside and inside of our house. Last week, after mowing almost all of our 1/2 acre of yard, I encountered a very territorial wasp. He not only managed to sting me in my left armpit (impressive, I know), but also attacked my right buttock. By the time I made it back to the house, I had three stings. I know it could have been worse, but those three stings were so, so painful.

Although we didn't see any during any of our pre-sale visits to the house, it turns out that we also have a nice crop of millipedes. Millipedes are infinitely better than centipedes, but they're still disgusting. I've also killed four grass spiders since last Wednesday. Grass spiders, for your information, are ugly, big and fast. I'm going to remain hopeful that only four grass spiders made their way into our house while we were moving (the doors were open all the time) and that I won't find anymore.

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