Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I Like: Bananagrams!

G and I have played several games of Bananagrams this week. It's awesome.
It's been interesting because we both have very interesting strategies. Can you guess who is who?

1. One player works very slowly. Very slowly. S/he could be nearly finished with the game, but realize that s/he has all of the letters necessary to spell a ridiculously long word, undo the entire game in order to make that one word (thereby needing to use the other 40 or so pieces to make all new words), and then lose the game because s/he played so slowly and needed to have the longest, weirdest word. At the end of the game, this person's game pieces are relatively compactly organized (taking up a small portion of the table and perfectly in line with each other).

2. This player could care less about the quality or length of words used. S/he spells to win. By the end of the game, this person's game pieces are sprawled out across the table.

Sorry mom and Aunt S., but this game might be more fun than Scrabble. ;)

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