Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

We're back from the Windy City, where we had an excellent time hanging out with my aunt. We arrived around 7ish on Friday night and feasted on deep dish pizza from Gino's East. Saturday morning we were up early. We spent the day in the city at the Museum of Science and Industry. My aunt and I mostly followed G around so he could see all of the exhibits he thought looked interesting. His favorite?

[727 exhibit with model railroad exhibit beneath]

The 727 (you can actually walk around in it) and all of the plane-related exhibits surrounding it. He was also a big fan of the LEGO Architecture exhibit (much cooler than the link) and the space exhibit. It was a very exciting day for G. Late that afternoon we headed back to Aunt S's, stopping en route at Portillo's for supper. Highly recommended for the simple fact that it's a Chicago legend. Food's not bad either.

Sunday morning we were up early again. Our mission for the trip was to drop off a load of furniture at my aunt's and pick up a chair she gave to us as our housewarming gift. We hauled all of her new furniture in to her house and the chair out to the truck, and then hit the road. We spent a good part of the afternoon in Madison, visiting Sister M, who recently relocated there for work. She showed us her condo and took us to the very impressive campus where she works. We also made a stop at one of our favorite old restaurants - The Nitty Gritty - for lunch. I love being back in that city!

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