Friday, March 5, 2010

Embroidery Project Update

Know what I love? Lazy Friday nights. This afternoon I went to the gym and did some interval running and strength training. Then I ate a giant burrito for dinner. Oops.

As promised, here's an up-to-date picture of my project:

As you can see, I didn't make substantial progress over the last week, but I did finish what was left of the horn, the entire globe and part of the bike. I'm hoping to make some more progress tonight while we watch The Informant.

Tomorrow morning I have a brunch date, and then we're hanging out with our brother T in Rochester for the afternoon. I fully intend to bring both G and T to the TJ Maxx HomeGoods in Rochester to search for another throw pillow, but I'm not going to tell them we're going there until we're actually in Rochester. :)

I think we're going to the Como conservatory on Sunday to see what's in bloom. I'm excited!

My other plans for the weekend aren't very exciting. The change in weather and this post have motivated me to clean out our front closest and pack away our thickest winter jackets and a few other things that make it quite cluttered. In addition to clutter control, I'll probably dust the floor trim. Exciting, I know!

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