Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

I just logged into blogger and noticed that my post from last Friday has a Thursday post date. Slightly confusing.

We had a nice, relaxing weekend so this post won't be very exciting.

1. My Friday morning started off with another early morning trip to the gym. While jogging on the treadmill I witnessed a 70+ year old man jump off an elliptical machine and rock out on the air guitar to celebrate what looked like a grueling workout. That was an excellent way to start a Friday.

2. Every day I with special needs kids I realize it's my true calling. I love the fact that I get up every morning knowing I get to spend the day with some awesome, severely disadvantaged kids. It is so incredibly rewarding. Meaningful work. I like meaningful work.

3. Every Friday I take my student to Burger King for lunch. He loves it. Last Friday we went to Burger King for the third time. As we entered the restaurant he looked at me and said "this is going to be so exciting!" I'd take him to Burger King everyday if I could. I can't imagine being born into his place in this world. He has a tough home life and some serious neurological issues. If taking him to Burger King for a kid's meal is a special outing for him, you better believe I'm going to make it happen. Anyone want to sponsor a meal for him? Or maybe buy him some Legos (he's so anxious to get some "colored Legos")?

4. I hit the gym early on Saturday morning, dropped off my car at the repair shop, had lunch with my husband and BIL, and spent the afternoon at Panera working on my dissertation. My evening was spent running errands and relaxing at home. Boring? Maybe to some, but it really nice. I made so much progress.

5. We spent Sunday afternoon at the state historical society. My dear husband was kind enough to come with me. He did his own thing for a few hours and after my motion sickness was unbearable (I get it from reading microfilm, but not riding in cars), he relieved me of my research duties and followed my directions to a "T." Husband of the Year? I think so. Especially considering the reward he gets if I don't finish my writing this year...

6. I really do have the most amazing husband on the face of this good earth.

7. I spent Sunday night weeding, planting a hanging basket (pictures soon), and working on a crafting project. I have a little less than half of that project left to finish, so I can't post pictures yet. Soon, soon!

It reallyw as a good weekend...

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  1. Is there a specific kind of lego that he likes?