Friday, March 6, 2009

Report Card 3

The bug got me, and it got me good.

My throat has felt like it's on fire for the past 24 hours. According to our thermometer I don't have a temperature, but my achy back, runny nose and ringing ears suggest otherwise. Yesterday, I banked on the fact that I wasn't contagious and went to work. Same goes for today. It's not like I'm the one person who's going to get everyone else sick. Besides, my recently developed obsession with Purell should keep my hands mostly germ-free.

I can't call in sick on the second or third day of my temporary position. That's just ridiculous.

Besides, I've been charged with helping one of the ESL students prepare for a big exam he has next week. Every hour we work together is ├╝ber important. We covered a lot of ground yesterday and I'm eager to see what we can get done today. The student I'm working with is in middle school, but has the English comprehension and speaking level of a second grader. That, combined with his unique learning challenges and the fact his parents don't speak English makes mastering the language especially difficult for him. When I first started working with him, his lead teacher warned me that he basically copied what his para did (repeated words, copied writing). This afternoon, we developed a reading routine that eventually had him reading out loud by himself. There were certainly some challenging moments, but with a little help he pushed on. I was so proud of him. He just needs to be pushed. I can do that.

So rewarding.

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