Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jillian the Enforcer

I spent some time with Jillian last night. Although I've spent time at the gym over the past few weeks, I've put off her intense training sessions due to the nagging symptoms of my cold (my wheezy cough can go away any day now...). It was rough. Punishing, in fact. Her workout was a reminder that even though these cookies were easy to bake, eating them was a really bad idea. The pain that radiated in my thigh muscles in combination with her reminders of the importance of a healthy diet made me feel really guilty about the five cookies I consumed that day (they are really, really good). I suppose having someone make you feel guilty is okay - especially if you stray from a diet and exercise routine you've committed yourself to...

Jillian's No More Trouble Zones is great for mixing up your regular routine. It's a lengthy dvd, but is divided into five minute segments that focus on particular areas of your body. While the entire dvd is great, I really like the last three or four routines.


  1. You and a few other friends have all loved Jillian's workouts. I think I'm ready to try some. I'm looking forward to them in a sick kind of way!

  2. Try the 30 Day Shred first! You'll like it.