Monday, April 6, 2009

Report Card 9

Today one of the teachers I assist asked me to randomly distribute lids into five groups for an upcoming lesson. I agreed and was handed a giant garbage bag filled with lids that kids had brought in over the last three weeks. That means that the lids sat in a tightly closed bag for all of last week (spring break). When I opened the bag to start my project I was instantly overcome with a stench so powerful it made my nose start running and my eyes water. What followed was thirty pain-filled minutes of lid sorting. I touched lids so filthy, crusty and stinky I thought I might gag. I could have seriously used a pair of rubber gloves, but there were none to be found and the job had to be done (um, should the kids really be touching those filthy things?), so I plugged along. It was absolutely disgusting.

After I finished the task I washed my hands - I'm being completely serious here - for a solid two minutes under hot water with lots and lots of soap. I still don't feel clean.

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