Thursday, May 28, 2009

House Hunting

I wasn't planning to divulge any of the really specific details of our house hunt, but since there's absolutely no way we'll even be looking at this house again I think it's safe to share with the world.

On Tuesday night, I was searching for ramblers in the Burnsville area. I found three in our price range that looked decent online, so we decided to drive around the neighborhood and check out them out. One house in particular seemed too good to be true (go to and paste this number into the search bar: 3625078). There's something wrong with the first image, though. Something is missing. When we pulled up to the house, there was a gigantic smoke stack towering over it. The power plant was literally in the back yard. I thought I was stupid for not noticing the smoke stack in the picture, but when we got home I checked the listing again and there clearly is not a smoke stack in the picture. Either the Realtor was able to use the natural lighting to his advantage, or Photoshopped it from the image. Either way, the picture is very misleading.

But doesn't the house look good otherwise? Sigh.

I mentioned it to our Realtor last night and she was very surprised. I told her I loved the neighborhood and its ramblers, but was very uneasy about the idea of raising children in close proximity to high voltage power lines and the power plant. She agreed, and promised that she would find us more nice neighborhoods with retro ramblers.

I hope so, because while I still love my Sears homes I am now very much in love with the idea of living in a rambler.

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