Thursday, July 23, 2009

My New Best Friend

While I was sweating through my orals, my husband was researching voice recording devices. I had scheduled my first interview for one week after my defense, so it was essential that we found one quickly. I happen to own a very cool mini cassette voice recorder c. 1990, but it only allows me to record just under 90 minutes of material. The door also needs to be taped shut, and the back is held together with duct tape. It works, but it's annoying. G found a relatively inexpensive Olympus recorder that can hold up to 220 hours of material. It's also smaller than a cell phone and pretty easy to operate. Fantastic!

I tried it out for the first time earlier this week. I was a little nervous that I would somehow mess up the recording and not be able to salvage any of the 104 minutes of our interview (and that's just the first part), but we just successfully transferred the material to the computer and it worked just fine. Plus, the quality is exceptional. I love this little thing.

Now if I could just find someone to transcribe the interviews for me. . .

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