Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wall Art

Some pimpernel (or antique prints of other flowers, for that matter) would also be lovely juxtaposed with the map prints, yes? Maybe I can convince the husband to hunt down some antique stores with me this weekend. I'd rather see the prints in person than buy them online. I'm also convinced any other prints to be hung on the wall must be selected prior to the framing process so I only hang things once. Pottery Barn might make it look easy to put together a wall collage of asymmetrical frames, but I'm certain it won't be a simple task for me. The more prepared I am from the beginning, the better.

Any ideas as to where one might acquire small antique prints of birds, flowers, butterflies - all things nature - in the TC area?


  1. You could look for books with nature pictures and frame some of the pages.