Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Food Revolution!

I had a lot of downtime when I lived in Norway. A lot of downtime. The apartment I lived in had a small TV that picked up one channel with its antenna. That channel occasionally aired three English-speaking shows: Full House reruns, a BBC documentary on Downs Syndrome (always, never anything else), and Jamie Oliver's cooking show.

I love Jamie Oliver. I love his accent, I love the food he cooks, I love his shows. You know how excited some people get about 24, Lost and The Office? Yeah, that was me with Jamie Oliver in the summer of 2003. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned about his new show on ABC. Anyone else watched it? How about those chicken nuggets? Yummy.

I'm number 15 in line in our library system for his latest and greatest contribution to healthy eating and I am so excited for the day it becomes available. So is G, because he cannot wait for the proportion of vegetables he consumes to keep climbing. I kid, but it's happening whether he likes it or not.

Anyone else a big Jamie Oliver fan?

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