Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Monday Evening

Last night I drove to the far north side of the Cities to pick up some furniture I found on Craig's List. I just couldn't pass up two cute side tables and a coffee table for $15. Don't worry, I was going to meet the woman outside in a highly populated area. I would have been completely safe.

Would have, but I never made it to my destination. You see, I stopped at a Target to break my $20 so I had exact change and when I returned to the car it refused to start. It pretended to, but the engine wouldn't turn over. I tried it several times. I called G. I called my dad. I called our insurance company. I learned that my car but not my husband's car had roadside assistance (?) and since I was driving his car, I decided to try other options before resorting to a tow truck. I found a group of nice looking people walking near the entrance of the store and asked if they wouldn't mind jumping my car. I bought new cables. The friendly people tried. It didn't work. I called our insurance company again. The woman I spoke with arranged for a truck to meet me in the parking lot, and when I asked her about payment for the service she said it was covered. I was a little perplexed, but decided not to challenge her. The tow truck driver arrived, asked me to start the car so he could get an idea of what might be wrong. . .

. . . and it started.

We decided that he should take the car since the insurance company was covering the tow (you better believe I triple checked to make sure that was actually the case) and we didn't really know what was wrong with the car. The last thing I wanted was for the car to breakdown while I was cruising south on 35W. I spent the next half hour learning about the ins and outs of the towing business and being surprised that people actually pronounce Arab with a long "A" at the beginning. I arrived home sans furniture, but safe, and now I'm looking forward to a nice morning at the repair center.


  1. Glad that you are okay. Dare I ask. . . did you ever get the furniture?