Monday, March 15, 2010

Healthy Nest: Keeping Accountable Week 1

I woke up early, made an egg, cheese and sausage omelet for G., and started to get to work on CHAPTER TWO of my dissertation when I was overcome with a very sudden urge to purge. Not to be too gross, but I haven't vomited since I was 15, so I was probably a little overdue for a date with the garbage can. What a way to start the week!

Every Monday morning, I'm going to update my blog with the previous week's exercise stats. I call my dad almost daily to keep him informed about my progress with my running goal, but I figured it would be good to document it elsewhere - why not here? I didn't give too much thought to exactly how I would record the information, but here goes:

Monday, March 8: Run 3 miles of intervals*, followed by brisk walk; core strength training.
Tuesday, March 9: Bike 20 minutes; 20 minutes strength training for arms and legs
Wednesday, March 10: Run 2.5 miles, brisk walk for 20 minutes.
Thursday, March 11: Day of rest.
Friday, March 12: Run 4 miles; 20 minutes strength training (legs and arms)
Saturday, March 13: Run 4.5 miles (4 straight, .5 at pace of 8 mph following brief brisk walk); strength training for 20 minutes (legs and core)
Sunday, March 14: Day of rest (unintentional, daylight savings must have hit me hard because I was exhausted)

* I run my intervals based on distance, not time, so I can keep track of how many miles I'm actually running. For example, I might run .50 miles at a pace of 7 mph and then walk .20 miles at a pace of 4.0 mph before running .25 miles. I always run quarter-mile increments as it's easier to keep track of in my head.

I'm up to 25 miles for the first 2 weeks of tracking, which I think is reasonable. Given the events of this morning, I'm not sure I'll be adding on to that mileage today but I think 10 miles is a reasonable goal for this week.

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