Monday, March 29, 2010

Healthy Nest: Keeping Accountable Week 3

I missed my mark, but I was much closer to reaching it than I was the previous week! I'm not going to set a goal for next week so I don't feel quite so guilty. Despite not meeting my goals, I think I've been making good progress...

Monday, March 22: Run 3 miles/arms, back and core strength building.
Tuesday, March 23: Run 2.5 miles/legs and core.
Wednesday, March 24: Day off.
Thursday, March 25: 3.5 miles/back and upper arms.
Friday, March 26: I corralled children at a bowling alley all afternoon - that must count for something, right?
Saturday, March 27: Day off.
Sunday, March 28: 3.1 miles/legs.

Weekend recap later today!

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