Friday, April 2, 2010

Spinning = Sweatfest

In college one of my friends found a lump in her breast. Scary, huh? Going through that experience with her and knowing that my friend, who happens to be a crazy smart physician, now only wears natural deodorant means that I follow suit. On rare occasions, like our wedding or fancy events, I'll break out the Dove, but on a day-to-day basis I use Tom's of Maine. To be completely honest, if I'm at home all day and I don't have anything going on, I skip it altogether. TMI? Maybe, but I know I'm not the only one.

On Thursday night, Tom met his real match: the spin bike. After a four month hiatus from attempting a spin class (I tried it for the first time in November and walked out after twenty minutes - spinning is an insane class), I decided to give it a second chance. I've been running pretty regularly and doing some strength training, so I thought I could probably handle an hour of intense cycling. I was also motivated by the fact that my 70+ year-old aunt and uncle go to spinning class THREE TIMES A WEEK.

I survived the class, and I also learned that it's a total sweatfest. I am so glad I chose the bike in the back corner, away from the other people in the class. I was literally dripping sweat off of my arms and face. By the end of the 60 minute work out, I was pretty stinky. And by pretty stinky, I mean really stinky. Despite the stink factor, I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning's class!


  1. Hey, how come I didn't know about this natural deodorant thing? However, if you think it is less effective than regular deodorant, I may have to stick with my toxic brand. Things like team meetings make me sweat as much as your spinning class.

  2. You should totally try it. It works well most days, but apparently doesn't offer much protection at the gym. The non-sensitive skin kind is a little stronger and I think that's what K uses.