Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am Dissertator, here me ROAR!

Sorry I've been delinquent with my posting. Actually, I'm not really that sorry because I've been super productive with the dissertating process. I am no longer not so secretly wishing that my computer would blow up and destroy all of my dissertation-related materials so I could hang up my grad student hat (for the second time, ahem) and am feeling sooooooo motivated to finish this project. It's gone from being something I ran from to something I protect like my own child. It's amazing how things can change so quickly.

Fueled by two large glasses of freshly brewed iced tea, countless glasses of water, and a bowl of whatever soup is on the day's menu, I have managed to be ├╝ber productive over the past few weeks. I'm hoping that the $7 I spend at Dunn Bros each day means I won't get kicked out any time soon. I'm so productive here - infinitely more productive than I am at Casa K - and $7/day is a nominal fee to pay for the use of "office" space that provides food. At least that's how I rationalize my spending.

Gift cards to Dunn Bros. in any domination are a great gift, my friends. Just a hint. A not so subtle hint.

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  1. Good job! I need to get myself into that productive mindset. ASAP.