Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When our home inspector checked out our home, he mentioned that one of our priorities should be replacing the circuit break for our air conditioning unit. He said something about it being "over fused" and needing a "properly sized circuit breaker." Since we bought our home at the end of August, we weren't too concerned about following up on that recommendation and opted to tough out the remaining warm days of summer and early fall.

We did just fine. Spring came around, and with it some super hot days. We debated turning on the AC without having the circuit breaker replaced. Finally, G did some serious research and decided it would probably be okay to run it in the evenings. He's no electrician, but something seemed goofy when he compared the information we received from the inspector to our AC unit to the information he was finding on the interweb.

Over the weekend, my FIL asked about the AC and G was persuaded to turn it off until it could be checked. Last night, he called an electrician, explained the problem, and was not surprised to learn that the electrician confirmed his suspicions that the home inspector likely made a mistake (meaning everything is probably okay). He said he'd stop over the next day to check it out and make sure everything was working properly. Better safe than sorry, right?

So here I sit, waiting for Mr. Electrician to make good on his promise and show up. It's frickin' hot in our house, man. I usually prefer to be warm (note the jacket I'm wearing in the picture from yesterday's post), but this is ridiculous. Friends, it's 85 degrees in our house. I know it could be worse, but I am sweating from every crevice in my body and I cannot focus on my work. I'm too lazy to even take a decent picture of the thermostat, so you're stuck with an image I captured with my MacBook. It's reversed. 85 degrees. It's gone up 2 degrees in the last 1.5 hours.

All I can think about is how not awesome my run outside is going to be if I have to come home to a house that's 85 degrees inside. Blah.

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