Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cathing up, again...

I was hoping to be better about posting, but the second round of my cold has been rather nasty. The cough is less pronounced today, but I'm more congested today. Bummer.

In other news...

I brought my husband grocery shopping today. He didn't really go by choice. We were near a Super Target and I happened to have my shopping list. It was very nice of him to agree to go with me.

Note: G hates grocery shopping. I honestly think that if I sent him to Super Target with a list for a week's worth of groceries it would take him about five hours to complete the shopping. It's a really stressful experience for him.

Today he offered to find some of the groceries on the list. I sent him off to find bread and chicken. He asked what kind of chicken he should find. I told him to find 2 pounds of breasts or thighs. Five minutes later he approached the cart with a very confused look on his face. "Do you think gizzards would taste good in the chicken dumpling stew? I found some [shows me the package] and I think they look interesting." I went back to the display with him and helped him find another, more appetizing, cut of chicken.

Gizzards sound so vile. They look disgusting, too. I can't believe that out of the shelves and shelves of chicken he was somehow attracted to the ickiest looking piece of the bird. Blah.

Before we went grocery shopping we drove around some neighborhoods we like to get a better idea of what kinds of neighborhoods we like. I think house shopping will take a long time for us. We realized today that we are extremely picky. The good news is that we love, like, dislike and hate the same things. The bad news is that it we'll probably be a major pain in the butt for our Realtor. More on our likes and dislikes in the upcoming weeks!

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