Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Basement Remodel Part 1

We're saving our pennies for our bigger remodeling projects [in this order, we think: spare bedroom in basement, upstairs bathroom, kitchen, downstairs bathroom], but that's not going to stop us from making progress on the less involved, less expensive projects that can breathe new life into our little home.

We're going to start with the basement. As a whole, the basement needs a lot of work. There's an entire unfinished room that we want to convert into a guestroom/office and the bathroom needs a makeover. A big one. The family room is a manageable project that shouldn't involve considerable time or investment, so we'll get that project taken care first. I'm going to breakdown our renovation projects into multiple posts so I have something to write about later in the week...

Here's what we have in mind the stairwell:

Looks kind of blah, eh?

The upper part of the stairwell leading to our basement is currently a very scuffed up grayish white. I think we're going to paint it something similar to "toasted oatmeal" (click on the upper right box and then choose the fourth one down in the second column; if you click on the paint chip it will expand to cover your entire screen). It looks a bit darker on the screen than it does on the walls, but it works nicely with the color I think we'll use in the rest of the basement.

G really likes white woodwork, and I think we're going to replace the painted baseboards in the basement (at least we've talked about it) with something like this. Doing so will probably mean that we'll need to replace or paint the handrail leading to the basement. Either way, it needs updated hardware.

I'm not sure what to do about the moulding that separates the wood paneling from the upper part of the wall. We can either paint over it, or remove it and use new primed moulding. Opinions?

How do you paint stairwells? I'm looking at the edge between the ceiling and the wall and wondering if it's paint a clean line (if you look closely at the picture it should be apparent this was an issue for the previous homeowners). Tips? Pretty please?

*G has agreed to most of these changes, but some of them (the handrail) didn't occur to me until I was writing this post. I'm sure he'll agree as long as it's within budget. :)

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