Thursday, January 28, 2010

Basement Remodel Part 3

A final few details for the basement project:

[Check out how dusty those doors are! Ick!]

In addition to switching out the baseboard (which I really hope happens!), I want to paint the closet doors white. I'm not going to worry about the other doors in the basement, because they'll eventually be replaced.

I'm also going to paint the inside of the closet, which I'm not sure has ever been painted. It's a gigantic storage space and I'm not looking forward to removing all of our neatly packed belongings, but it will look so much better with a coat of paint. Everything looks better with a new coat of paint!

Speaking of paint, I recently discovered that the Glidden website has an online tool to help you visualize color. Check it out, and let me know if you see colors you'd recommend for our basement. I'm still leaning towards "whispering wheat," but I think most neutral colors would work well in our basement.

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