Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cosemetic Safety Database

I have a million and fifteen things I need to accomplish today, but I feel as though this blog is due for a posting.

I can count on my mother for almost anything. One of her favorite things to do is send me articles about maternal health (no worries, not pregnant, she just is always thinking ahead). Today PHN mother just sent me a link to an article that discusses the relationship between mothers who use products that contain phthalates (I had to quadruple check that spelling) and children with behavioral disorders. Scary business.

The article included a link to The Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database. Have a blast looking up all of your skincare products - few things are more insulting than looking up your "all natural," sulfate free, paraban free products and discovering they still don't have exceptional ratings. Good, but not what I was expecting.

Time to tackle my to-do list, which includes finishing and submitting some writing to my adviser, introducing myself to a group of 17 Czech musicians (it's going to be a long weekend!), and organizing and reorganizing 6 full scores of music.

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