Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Goodness

Let me introduce you to my new favorite brand of wine, Öko:

I picked up a bottle of pinot grigio last night, and thought it was absolutely heavenly. Try it. You should also feel more than welcome to bring a bottle (any varietal is fine) with you the next time you come over for dinner or game night. I won't turn it away. I might even let you have some.

We've had a quiet Saturday. G spent his afternoon at the library, and I ran errands. We're about to sit down to a dinner of turbot, roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic, and mixed veggies. I'm looking forward to more Olympic events tonight, watching The Invention of Lying, and working on my embroidery project (a topic for another post).

I promise to post again later this week...

Happy weekend, Friends!

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