Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend in Review

My weekend started a little early with trip to my hometown to visit my parents and my favorite aunt, who was visiting from Chicago. We attended an impressive production of Once Upon a Mattress on Thursday night and spent the next morning wandering around town looking for good deals. Unfortunately, there were none to be found. I left after lunch in order to avoid rush hour traffic and made it home just in time to greet my husband as he returned from work. We had an impromptu date night that involved dinner at Chipotle (I'm a cheap date), a trip to REI to purchase new shoes for the boy, and a stop at Babies-R-Us to find some gifts for a shower I attended on Saturday.

Let me just say that Babies-R-Us is one of the most overwhelming places I have ever visited. My friend, Jenny, wrote me an after they registered in which she exclaimed that she had no idea there were so many different kinds of butt paste. I laughed, but when I got lost in the butt paste aisle I realized that she wasn't kidding. There's an impressive selection of different butt pastes. I can't imagine there's that much demand for such a product, but I guess it must be a fairly competitive market.

After I navigated my way out of the butt paste aisle, I decided to just find the book section. Books are always safe gift ideas, especially when the baby's mama studied English in college. On my way to the book section I had to pass through a sea of pink and blue clothing. As I was about to emerge from the infant boys' section I stumbled upon the cutest little pink Minnesota Twins baseball hat. The baby's parents might not be into the color pink, but the dad is a fan of the Twins so I knew it was a perfect gift. I picked out the book based exclusively on the cover's picture, which turned out to be a stupid idea. It turns out the book was meant to help kids feel comfortable with the idea that parents can love all of their children equally. I know the baby won't understand the words of the book for quite some time, but I still felt pretty dumb for buying her a book that is meant for a child with one or more siblings. Did I mention she'll be an only child (at least for a while)? For as overwhelming as Babies-R-Us was, I also had fun. I can't wait for the day when we can visit the store to prepare for our own baby's arrival - keep calm, it won't be for a while!

Saturday morning I picked up the guests of honor at the airport and we headed up north for the shower. We arrived early, which was good as my friends got to spend time with their immediate families. It was a casual open house, which was perfect. Jen's mom is an amazing baker and had prepared some fabulous food for the buffet table. I need to raid her recipe box.

One of Jen's sisters decorated the letters in the picture above. Aren't they cute?

There were two diaper cakes at the shower, but this one was my favorite. I really love those little pink sunglasses on the top tier.

We had a very lazy Sunday morning. I ran errands while G hung out at home and rode his bike. I went to TJ Maxx to pick up some baskets to finish my decluttering project, but they had sold all of the baskets I had hoped to purchase. Drats! I'll have to track them down elsewhere...

That afternoon we met my parents and my little brother in Minneapolis for dinner at The Melting Pot to celebrate my parents' thirtieth wedding anniversary (!). We had two different cheese fondues, three different entree fondues (two veggie, one surf and turf, and one seafood), and two chocolate fondues for dessert. I wasn't a big fan of the cheese course, but I enjoyed the main course and I loved the chocolate.

I will gladly eat this passion fruit-infused chocolate fondue any day of the week. Now I'm inspired to break out the fondue pot we received as a wedding present. Fondue and games anyone?

After dinner, G suggested we take the train up to Target Stadium to check out the new ballpark. I'm not a big baseball fan, but after seeing the stadium I'm kind of excited about going to a night game. It really is a beautiful structure.

After taking the train back to our park and ride, we went home and prepared for the busy week ahead. I'm going to start the week off on the right foot and attempt a four mile run tonight. We'll see how it goes...

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